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Sunday, February 27, 2011

WD Gann: Astrological new year and what's in store.

Ingress Reports

The Sun enters Aries on the 20th March 2011 -thus commencing another Astrological Year at 11.20.44 pm GMT.

At London, the Sun is placed in the 4th House conjunct Uranus in Aries- the planet of sudden change and revolution. This placement can bring troubles to the Government - where sudden events from the Opposition party and even unpopularity with the people as the Moon conjunct Saturn in wide opposition in Libra, tipping the scales of justice as they seek the truth.  There is a stellium in Aries with the Sun, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury in the sign of Aries ruled by Mars conjunct the 4th house cusp indicating possible fires, accidents or disturbances connected with mines, houses and agriculture.

With such a heavy focus in the 4th house on a mundane level, the Government may be suddenly shaken and we could also hear of a sudden death of a leader or member of the Royal family. The 4th house signifies the land of the country, the crops and produce and a planets conjunct the cusp influence the weather.
On the 19th March, the Full Moon will the closest Perigee of the year, the Moon moving into southern declination with a majority of planets except Mercury and Jupiter puts the southern hemisphere in focus once again for more natural disasters.   This puts the spotlight on the Africa especially the South -Eastern side.

On a more personal level, at the full moon, especially perigee, there are more positive ions in the Earth’s surface and people suffer more stress. More positive ions reduce blood flow decreasing oxygen in the blood resulting in muscular aches and pains. In the centre of our brain is a tiny gland called the Pineal gland – aka The Third Eye, which is activated by light and controls various bio-rhythms of the body.  It has been found to contain large numbers of calcite micro-crystals that pick up signals from external electromagnetic fields directly influencing our brains. The hormone secreted by the pineal gland called melatonin helps regulate our body clock: the level of secretion has been shown to be affected by exposure to electromagnetic fields – EMFs. Melatonin is what keeps us happy – decreased levels lead to depression – Saturn’s domain.  

Uranus, the electrical planet ingresses into Aries on the 12th March- crossing the equator generating more cold, erratic and windy weather.  At the same time, Jupiter reaches perihelion on 18th March increasing sunspots. We can anticipate continued unusual sunspot activity, electromagnetic disturbances and winds of high velocity with this configuration.

At times of sunspot maxima, the solar wind charged with magnetic particles, cause distortions in the Earth’s magnetic field. These changes in the field have shown to damage our immune systems leading to increased vulnerability to infections. The word influenza comes from the Italian word “influence” because they believed that the flu came from a distant agent.

 Last time Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct in Aries in 1927, there was a cholera outbreak in Egypt and surrounding areas with over 32,000 people dead. We are likely to hear of another major outbreak ; could be a maverick strand of flu with Uranus in the picture. This scenario is also emphasised by transiting Mars coming to the midpoint of Saturn/Neptune connected with depression, sickness, disease and infections. Since the focus is on Aries, the viruses and flu may be connected to inflammations of the membranes of the brain, Brain fevers and ruptures of blood vessels in the Brain, small pox and paralysis of the facial nerves.

Nearly all living creatures are sensitive to earth’s geomagnetic fields. Ask yourself why birds are suddenly falling dead from the sky, millions of fish washing up dead around our shorelines and  honey bees are dying? Maybe its because the Earth’s magnetic field is changing!

Let’s go back to the Aries ingress chart plotted on the World Map. The stellium of planets in Aries are located on the nadir through UK, Europe, Russia and Africa. The city in the spotlight is Rome as Uranus is exactly conjunct the IC at Rome. 

Pope Benedict XVI was born 84 years ago and his natal chart fits into this Jupiter Uranus Arian equinox pattern. He will turn 84 on the 16th April, born in the sign of Aries, he will most likely be put  in the spotlight. My concern for the Pope with the Uranus on the IC running through Rome being his Uranus Return squaring his natal Node/Mars midpoint can indicate a sudden accident or injury. Transiting Saturn conjunct his natal moon comes to the midpoint of his natal Saturn/Neptune reinforcing a health issue alert. An affliction to his Moon in Libra could cause kidney disorders, blood impurities, urinary and bladder troubles, lumbago and Bright’s disease.

The Solar Eclipse on 1st July at 9 Cancer will fall in his first house and the midpoint of his natal Node/Pluto, with transiting Saturn square Pluto in the picture. This is a very difficult pattern often associated with a destructive and depressive energy, with the nodes involved, it will also be a fateful and karmic event.

At the Solar Eclipse on the 4th Jan the pathway at 13 Capricorn shadowed over the Middle East. The second decan of Capricorn causes military riots and the mutiny of soldiers against their officers. Jupiter the planet of law and justice was conjunct Uranus the planet of revolution both rising over Cairo, in the last degrees of 3 degrees of Pisces, ruled by Mars the planet of war.  The stellium in Capricorn was all squared by Saturn. The protests began when transiting Mercury was conjunct the Eclipse degree of 13 Capricorn around the 24th Jan.

 At the Aries Ingress, Pluto and the Node will culminate over Egypt again highlighting the countries karmic transformation and rebirth. With all the hard aspects in the heavens, the power struggles will continue for a while. Establishing new leaderships will need structure and diplomatic implementations. Mars joins Uranus in Aries on the 3rd April, igniting the fighting and hostilities with Tripoli in the Red Zone. Colonel Gaddafi came into power September 1969, when Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct in Libra. 42 years later, violent protests against him have ignited as these two planets are exactly opposite in Aries -  42 = 6x 7 years – forced revolutionary change and justice.

 The Ingress set for Washington has the Node and Pluto conjuncting the IC suggesting power struggles for the Government.  Saturn conjunct the Moon in the first house is a warning of discontent and depression of the masses. Uranus and Sun on the 7th house cusp forewarn of complicated foreign affairs: enmity, rivalry and disagreements.

The Stellium in Aries will culminate over the Pacific Ocean likely to bring more seismic disturbances and electrical storms with strong winds along the Ring of Fire and tropical regions.

Venus and Neptune are culminating along the East Coast of Australia suggesting more heavy rain and flooding. The Ingress chart set for Canberra sees the stellium in the 11th house of the Parliment. Indications are of sudden changes with regards to legislation or reform, some new Bill may be hindered or protested against. Saturn and the Moon in the 6th Public health services will be debated upon and a new radical Medicare system can be introduced.This house placement indicates discontent among workers and strikes may be threatened. There may be accidents or dissatisfaction connected with the Navy and national services. 

What happened 84 years ago in 1927 when Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct in Aries. 

Cholera outbreak in Egypt with over 32,000 people dead.
Volcano wipes out Mt Mele in Martinique
Earthquake in Palestine
British troops in battle for Shanghai
Revolution in Lisbon
Vienna rocked by revolutionary riots.
Lindberg first to fly Atlantic solo.
Sydney Ferry Disaster
Stalin expels Trotsky
Pope Benedict XVI was born
Mississippi Floods
W.D.GANN published The Tunnel Thru the Air - TTTA

©Olga Morales
25th Feb 2011.

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